1400 21st Case # 1977-35047 1800 blk Easton Blvd. Missing Since: April 4, 2001. Donald Hebert Des Moines, IA Homicide Polk County Rose Grandanette I am not sure if I spelled her last name right. To further explain, this means that in 2019 alone, approximately 267 out of every 100,000 individuals in Iowa was directly affected by violent crime, which includes burglary, homicide, assault, rape, and sexual assault. Polk County 28 YOA Shot: December 6, 2012 Case # 1991-19466 Roy Madison April 3, 1999. On March 27, 1991, Keith Clayborne II, 20, and Jerry Cooper, 23, were shot execution style at 3205 Kingman Blvd. Floyd Cramer Polk County Polk County Police said the shooting, which occurred in the Martin Luther King Jr. Park neighborhood, apparently stemmed from a fight at an after-hours gathering. Along that path were murdered victims most identified, some anonymous. Des Moines, IA February 11, 2017. All Cases On Website; Statehood to Turn of the Century: Iowa Unsolved Murders 1846-1899; Early 20th Century through WWI: Iowa Unsolved Murders 1900-1917; Jazz Age, Great Depression: Iowa Unsolved Murders 1918 -1940; WWII to the Age of Aquarius: Iowa Unsolved Murders 1941-1965; Beyond 1965: Selected Unsolved Iowa Murders; Victims . 2907 Boston Ave. Was something unspeakable about to happen to him? Polk County We believe the more resources we can provide to digital volunteers and citizen solvers mean more citizen detective communities. Des Moines, IA LaborMax Staffing - Des Moines. Linda Boothe is not included here because her case never went cold. Jenny Moraga. Case # 66-00274 Missing From: Des Moines, IA NCIC #: M-595469829 He died 19 days later on Christmas Day. Des Moines, IA 59 YOA Polk County 1814 6th Street Homicide Several friends whod come by to visit the 69-year-old Madison discovered the body and notified authorities. Dennis Moore, a 46-year-old homeless man living in Des Moines, was shot in the chest while sleeping in his car in the early morning hours on Friday, June 19, 1992. Des Moines, IA George Geary Case # 1996-22677 December 15, 1965. On April 8, 2011, 27-year-old Ashely Okland was killed in the western part of Des Moines, IA. Case Summaries Des Moines, IA (jurisdiction) Polk County David Marchan was reported missing to the Des Moines Police Department in Des Moines on January 1, 2001. The charge in Baldwins death was later dropped due to lack of evidence. May 10, 1991. DCI Case # 60-07871 She had been strangled. She was last seen at approximately 11:00 p.m. in the vicinity of SE 22nd and King in Des Moines, IA. Windsor Heights, IA One needs the Tor Browser to access deep web and can visit special urls like . Homicide Homicide 52 YOA The Evansdale Murders Unresolved The Evansdale Murders On July 13th, 2012, two cousins disappeared from the small town of Evansdale, Iowa. August 3, 1999. December 24, 2013. Des Moines, IA He was stabbed during a robbery sometime in the preceding days. Polk County This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. With equity for BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and other underserved victims not prioritized in the true crime communitytogether we can do better. 70 YOA 68 YOA On Tuesday, August 8, 1995, Connie Jo Choate Bodensteiner was found locked in a basement storage bin at a south-side Des Moines apartment complex. Jeffrey Thomas Deaver He died from his injuries at a local hospital a short time later. Homicide 26 YOA Case # 2003-42059 She was last seen wearing black pants, a white shirt, a zebra belt, a black leather blazer and carrying a medium-sized black purse. Des Moines, IA Age at Report: 15 Polk County,which is located in central Iowa,now has a population of roughly 398,000 inhabitants. 57 YOA She was killed April 14, 1976, and on April 30, 1976, police did arrest and charge Jeffrey Robert Calvert, 22, in her slaying. Missing From: Des Moines, IA Homicide I hope they still have the evidence and it should be sent for updated forensic testing. 87 YOA Early Monday morning, December 18, 1972, Roy Madison was found dead in his Des Moines, Iowa home with stab wounds to his face and chest. Homicide Court Avenue River Bridge Mark Atkins, 23, was shot in the head and neck at 1814 6th Street on August 14, 1995 while trying to break up an altercation over ownership of a ring. AKA aka Bipp, Big Butter and Butta Missing Person Cause of death was blunt force trauma, and police believe he was killed sometime during the summer of 1983. Tyrese Robert Parson, 17, of Des Moines was shot dead on a sidewalk Friday morning, June 8, 2018, on the east side of Des Moines in the 800 block of East 27th Court in the citys Fairground neighborhood. John Clifton Downey Eyes: Blue 31 YOA 1172 19th St. She was stabbed 13 times in the chest. Ramona Jean Cox, 24, was found dead in her first-floor apartment at 1526 Woodland Ave. in Des Moines on Sunday morning, April 22, 1962. Miguel Vasquez Des Moines, IA 30 YOA Grunewald said hed also changed the time of death because of the undigested food in the victims stomach (eaten 30 to 45 minutes before she died.). Est. Joan Marie Haggar, 52, was struck by a hit-and-run driver in the 900 block of E. Euclid Avenue in Des Moines on Friday night, Feb. 14, 2014. September 12, 2002. 1311 21st Street Was the murder of William Saloky ever solved? Case # 1972-87405 Weight: 168 lbs. Ky Van Luong Polk County December 7, 1922. Des Moines, IA December 2, 1999. Homicide Polk County Christopher Lee Stewart Case # 1997-57018 10 Unbelievable Unsolved Iowa Murders Joshua Scott Hotchkin True Crime February 27, 2018 13 Minutes Ten Iowa murders that reveal the darkness which lurks in the heartland of evil. The telephone line was cut. On August 12, 1984, Eugene left his home at approximately 5 a.m. to deliver newspapers. Case # 1991-12517 The newborn had been struck in the skull and burned and charred beyond recognition before being tossed into the river. Case # 1972-2562 Missing Since: December 31, 2005. Case # 1980-20704 Through Iowa history, a dark path of evil has wound through woods, along rivers and streams, across farm fields, near barns, beside highways and railroads, into small settlements, and up to the doors of homes. Des Moines, IA Date of Crime: January 1, 1966 Lana Jane Anderson Des Moines, Iowa Case # 1980-38313 SE 18th & Scott George Geary was shot about 1:30 a.m. on January 13, 1963, during a robbery at the service station where he worked. Victims for whom there was no justice, no resolution or answers. Hair: Black Died Oct. 29, 2016. 18 YOA Pok County, Iowa June 26, 1971. Des Moines, IA Most of the names on the list of murders in Iowa on the websites of law enforcement agencies may sound unfamiliar; however, some of the names listed within the list of all murders in Iowa, list of Iowa murders, and notorious Iowa criminals, have become household names as time passes. Polk County Polk County Attorney Donald Starr asked District Judge A.B. Amanda Wright, 34, and Andrew James Hall, 27, were charged with first-degree murder and first-degree robbery. 1132 5th You may want to contact Jodi Ewing she would be able to answer your question. NamUs UP # 10855 The individual in pursuit allegedly followed him down an embankment to a creek where Friedel was then severely beaten and drowned. Although there are no documented serial killers who solely operated in Iowa, there are a few serial killers that have links to the state. Big Earls Goldmine Case # 1994-46422 Homicide February 12, 1998. If you know of a case not listed here or have information you'd like included with an existing page, please contact us with relevant details and we'll respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. Case # 2003-27457 613 E. 2nd Between 6:10 and 6:15 a.m., Eugenes bag was found on the ground outside of Des Moines with 10 folded papers still inside. He usually wears Docker-type pants and button-down collar shirts. Polk County Des Moines, Iowa Polk County In December of 2014, a judge in Wake County sentenced Sinatra Dunn to 12 years in prison for first-degree murder . August 28, 1997. Keosauqua Way and 12th St. Case # 1973-46114 Geralyn Kean Big Earls Gold Mine Darleens remains have yet to be recovered. Jody @ ICC. November 16, 1990. Polk County Drake neighborhood At approximately 3 a.m. on Sunday, September 29, 1996, Earl Big Earl Hamilton was shot in the head outside the strip club he owned and operated on the outskirts of Des Moines. Des Moines, IA Polk County Case # 1954-33401 April 15, 1954 The 67-year-old Charles Edward Sanders was found murdered and robbed under the Court Avenue Bridge in Des Moines on April 15, 1954 the day before Good Friday. On their website, as well as on the websites of many local, county, and state law enforcement and investigating agencies, you can learn more information about most, if not all, of these unsolved homicides, including those listed below. Barbara Ann Perry October 9, 2011. Des Moines, IA Morris Wright a 52-year-old Korean War veteran was killed in Des Moines, Iowa, on Monday, September 15, 1986. Hair: Brown Polk County Missing From: Des Moines, IA Calverts wife and mother-in-law testified in court that hed been with them at church during the time of Mary Anns murder. 3115 SW McKinley Avenue Case # 1960-1563 July 15: Miranda Stierwalt, 27, was killed in a murder-suicide. Officers arrived to find an injured adult male within the home. Harold Holt was shot in the abdomen in the early morning hours of New Years Day 1966, while attending a party. Age at Report: 18 Incident Type: Disability physical / mental Riccardo R. Bowers 1800 blk Easton Blvd. If you know of a case not listedhere or have information youd like included with an existing page, please contact us with relevant details and well respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. Des Moines Polk County But hers is not the only murder mystery in which Iowa . Both had been stabbed to death. One year later, she became a real estate agent. He was reported missing to the Des Moines Police Department on August 2, 2013, and may be using the alias last name Shields. Des Moines, IA Each week for the next year, Iowa news organizations will explore cold. They are open, however, to following up on any new leads that surface, which could result in the arrest and trial of another alleged perpetrator. Age at Report: 31 Glenn W. Turner Died: Christmas Day, 2012. Case # 1979-35742 Eugene W. Martin Des Moines police. Missing From: Des Moines, IA 2100 block Carpenter Avenue Gustavo Cruz was reported missing to the Des Moines Police Department in Des Moines, Iowa, on April 1, 2008. Brandy Ratliff, Jr. was killed in a drive-by shooting while sitting on a couch inside his cousins home at 1608 E. Capitol Ave. in Des Moines on October 19, 2008. Victims for whom there was no justice, no resolution or answers. Camille Njus, a 20-year-old Grinnell College student and Department of Transportation intern, was reported missing in August 1978 after failing to return home for a weekend visit. Case # 1997-17132 Courtside Bar & Grill 661 Seventeenth St. Dorothy Ruth Coon In mid-September of 1975, more than a year after the robbery-murders, Terry Hollowell went on trial. Missing From: Des Moines, IA He died from his wounds two weeks later on January 17. The man remained unidentified for 33 years, and on June 1, 2017, the FBIs national database for fingerprints matched him to 39-year-old John Clifton Downey of Texas. Des Moines, IA CRESTON, Iowa A $1,000 reward is now being offered for information leading to an arrest in a 2018 homicide in the town of Creston. and 73rd St. Windsor Heights, IA Polk County September 14, 1958 Homicide Des Moines, IA (jurisdiction) His body was discovered frozen at the bottom of a ravine in rural Polk County on January 26, 1966. 17 YOA Lois Arlene Bradley Jason Smith, 30 On Thursday morning, July 10, 1969, 8-year-old Patricia Ann Veach was found dead in her bedroom at her Des Moines home. Des Moines, IA Polk County This is the only true and authorized site for the articles posted here. Hotel Chamberlain, Rm 522 Check back soon for more cases researched and written exclusively by Nancy Bowers and/or David Jindrich, who painstakingly tracked down each newspaper clipping, case file, and photograph so that every victim can be brought out of the shadowy woods and remembered in the light. Body Found: August 29, 1960. San was a teen in the 2000s when break dancing made a mainstream comeback but lived in Des Moines, where . Other names on these lists include the many unsolved central Iowa murders including the 1986 murder of Ronette Lynn Peterson, the 1968 murder of Sheila Jean Collins, the 2007 murder of Aaron Marr, and the 2000 murder of Cora Ann Okinski, among others. August 2, 1999, Double Homicide Jeffrey Robert Calvert, Scovels 22-year-old next-door neighbor, was charged with murder in her slaying, but a judge dismissed the case after Dale Grunewald, assistant Polk County Medical Examiner, changed the time of Scovels death based on additional evidence that had come to light. Des Moines, IA Polk County April 26, 1997. Thanks. William Ralph Talbert, Jr., of Des Moines, IA, was killed in a drive-by shooting in Des Moines early Sunday morning, September 3, 1995, as he stood on a sidewalk. 1820 E. Army Post Road December 12, 1953. Watrous Ave. Stanley Mike Golinsky, 56, of Des Moines, was found dead under a downtown railroad bridge on Wednesday, October 24, 2012. Missing From: Des Moines, IA In short, this means that in 2019, about 2 out of every 100,000 people living in Iowa were murdered over the span of a year. DOB: Oct. 23, 1925 Polk County Margaret Feige, 88, was found dead in the early morning hours on Thursday, May 22, 2008, in the laundry room of the Saylor Township home she shared with several other adults. March 3, 2011. Missing Person Sex: Male Margaret Feige 2335 Hickman The child allegedly lived at 1407 18th Street. 38 YOA June 6, 1974. Visit . Judy Ann Corbin Des Moines, IA Tommy Morris These are six homicides Iowa will never forget. Des Moines, Iowa 59 YOA Polk County Polk County Des Moines, IA Or was he contemplating a horrific act? Des Moines, IA Des Moines, IA Timothy Friedel, 25, of Des Moines was found dead in a water-filled ditch in northwest Des Moines on Thursday, June 6, 1974. Case # 82-04613 7 months old Polk County 53 YOA Steven Eugene Gardner, 27, was shot three times in the head as he sat behind the wheel of his pickup near the intersection of 23rd Street and Cottage Grove on Friday, April 8, 1978. Stephen Kim, a 41-year-old Burmese-American immigrant, was fatally shot in front of his three young children during an attempted robbery near 3523 University Ave. in Des Moines Drake neighborhood on Friday, April 21, 2017, shortly before 10:30 p.m. 19 YOA January 23, 1998. The stabbed and bludgeoned body of 68-year-old Johnie E. John Clinton was found in the kitchen of his 1525 Walker Street home in Des Moines on October 27, 1978. Suspicious Death He was last seen wearing black jeans and a black Hawkeye sweatshirt. Rose Grandanette Homicide Rose Grandanette 33 YOA Sunrise Blvd. 59 YOA September 2, 2008. Homicide Homicide Homicide 24 YOA 22 YOA Polk County On the evening of February 22, 1973, David Morris, 68, was robbed and shot to death in his grocery store, Morris Foods at 2550 Maury Street. Des Moines, IA Polk County Height: 501 Thaddeus William Thad Mitchell was shot to death in his taxi cab in a remote and deserted area of north central Des Moines on Thursday, December 7, 1922. 608 East Pleasant View Dr. Date of Birth: March 25, 1985 According to Project: Cold Case, there have been approximately 2,870 homicides in Iowa from 1980-2019. Case # 1983-32787 On September 5, 1982, Johnny Gosch left his home to work his Des Moines Register paper route. Explore Iowas unsolved homicides by decade or view missing persons where foul play is suspected. Missing from Des Moines Polk County May 2, 1965. Case # 1986-17433 Des Moines police later arrested and charged Michael C. Niccum with her murder, and in 1969 jury members found him guilty of the crime. 21 YOA Although her body was not discovered until June 29, authorities believed she was murdered on June 27. April 21, 2017. Polk County On Thursday, January 11, 2001, Harland S. Shuey, 79, was killed at 3310 E. 42nd Street in Des Moines. 1054 21st Emanuel Burgs, Jr., II, 21, and 22-year-old Celestina Payano were found bound and shot to death at 1831 Mondamin on September 12, 2002. Case # 1973-12106 David Morris Des Moines, IA Case # 1962-12962 Unidentified Newborn Baby, White Male July 10, 1967. 200 Dickman Avenue July 10, 1990. Height: 508 Theres another reference to Siepker here was 28 years of age in 2007, married Joseph Paul McConville 5/07/07. 34 YOA Homicide Workman Homicide Age at Report: 36 Des Moines, IA March 24, 1986. Des Moines, Iowa Polk County Date of Death: October 19, 1978. St. Joseph Avenue near 20th Street October 24, 2003. Des Moines, IA Polk County Homicide Homicide Missing Since: April 1, 2008. I want to know for I can do my job as the Equalizer. All Rights Reserved, Home Body found in Warren County Polk County Who is Ashley Okland? Polk County Polk County Was there ever any resolution to the strangulation of schoolgirl Evelyn Lee in 1930, Floyd Alloways shooting in 1937, or Anne McGreveys arson death in 1948? Case Number: 13-35261 Missing Since: January 1, 2001. Nevertheless, Iowas various law enforcement and investigating agencies never give up their mission to solve every single one of Iowas true crimes, no matter how long it takes them. April 14, 1976. Des Moines, IA . 68 YOA Another great resource for looking into the numerous unsolved homicides in Iowa is Project: Cold Case, who not only has a page on their website dedicated to homicide statistics per state, but also has a database with nearly 25,000 cold cases included. Johnita Larie Clemons Homicide At 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, May 30, 1990, 31-year-old John Wayne Jeffery was found dead in his car outside Leos Lounge at 1018 E. 12th Street in Des Moines. 21 YOA Homicide in 1973 Sarah Ann Ottens. William Thomas, 70, was beaten on the head near his home at 1213 Jefferson Avenue on September 9, 1979. Case # 1986-12024 Case # 1978-29909 Although there is no definite way to estimate how many Polk County murders have transpiredin previous years, it seems as ifthe number of murders in Polk County is growing year after year, with no sign of slowing, despite law enforcements best efforts. Tyrese R. Parson Kathleen Kathy Stith Often included on these sites are some of the many northern Iowa unsolved murders, including the 2004 murder of Gary Lack, the 1976 double murder of Debbie Rose Laubenthal and Raymond Morris Henkins, the 1975 murder of Michael Edward Carr, the 1966 murder of Norma Jean Horgen, and the 1998 murder of Mildred Adaline Clemenson, among others. murders, unsolved iowa murder charles nolte, danny peters, des moines holiday inn murder, ernest weatherington, gunfire at the holiday inn: murders of danny peters and luis trujillo jr 1974, iowa unsolved murders, john paul stewart, kenneth hunter, luis trujillo jr., terrance duane "terry" hollowell, thomas teale, unsolved des moines iowa murder, September 8, 1980. 27 YOA On May 7, 1965, Lillian Elizabeth Randolph was reported missing from her farm home near Guthrie Center. Case # 1965-7249 1410 Washington Avenue Homicide John Shuey July 29, 1975. She has a page here on ICC at: https://iowacoldcases.org/case-summaries/mary-ann-scovel/. Homicide Homicide Gustavo Beranza Cruz Two men were detained at Griswold, where they told authorities they were Roy W. Ross and Frank Murphy and lived in East Omaha. Investigating Agency: Des Moines Police Department Harland Shuey If you have any information or photos youd be willing to share, please. On August 8, 1990, after receiving an anonymous tip, police found the body of 24-year-old Pamela Carter in the Des Moines River. Height: 506 Polk County According to the same FBI report, in 2019, the homicide rate in Iowa was roughly 1.9 per 100,000 inhabitants. Case # 1974-42891 Hair: Brown Phil Terrell Lilly was taken to Mercy Hospital, where he remained for just over three months before passing away on Dec. 19, 1973. Polk County Polk County Alice Van Alstine, a former Minutemen sympathizer whod recently abandoned the right-wing paramilitary organization, tucked her children into bed at their 29th Street apartment in Des Moines on March 26, 1976, and then vanished into thin air, never to be seen nor heard from again. August 27, 1975. Mariana Redrovan Missing Person Homicide Polk County Polk County Des Moines, IA This is an educational and historical site filled with accounts of those victims and theirmurderers. Des Moines, IA Julie Bell Davis Hair: Brown But I swear thats how I recall it. 40 YOA Many of the victims were killed by spouses, partners, boyfriends, housemates, dates, or clients.. Homicide After the recess, Asst. Homicide Homicide Lastly, other unsolved murders Iowa that are often found included in the lists of cold cases are the numerous east Iowa unsolved murders. She has a tattoo on her left shoulder. William R. Talbert, Jr. Disappeared: August 26, 1960 An autopsy showed the 24-year-old had been strangled. Murder Victim John Schnellbacker (John Schnellbcher) 55-year-old Handyman East Des Moines Hotel 1858 -1913 Cause of Death: Bludgeoned Motive: Argument Murder Scene and Date E. Third and E. Walnut streets Des Moines, Iowa Polk County March 10, 1913 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ By Continue reading , Murder Victim Angelo Ferrari The King of Little Italy 35-year-old Bail Bondsman 1887-1922 Cause of Death: Gunshot Motive: Black Hand Vendetta Murder Scene and Date 1066 42nd Street Des Moines, Iowa Polk County February 26, 1922 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ By Nancy Bowers Continue reading , Statehood to Turn of the Century: Iowa Unsolved Murders 1846-1899, Early 20th Century through WWI: Iowa Unsolved Murders 1900-1917, Jazz Age, Great Depression: Iowa Unsolved Murders 1918 -1940, WWII to the Age of Aquarius: Iowa Unsolved Murders 1941-1965, Beyond 1965: Selected Unsolved Iowa Murders, Dead From a Wallop: Murder of John Schnellbacker 1913, Dead From a "Wallop": Murder of John Schnellbacker 1913, The King of Little Italy: Murder of Angelo Ferrari 1922, "The King of Little Italy": Murder of Angelo Ferrari 1922, 2 Avg. Body found in rural Chariton, IA (Lucas County) As of the websites latest update, roughly 2,122 of these homicides have been resolved over the years, leaving approximately 748 unsolved homicides in Iowa alone. His left ear is pierced. John Wayne Jeffery April 19, 1967. Raul Camacho Leroy Boo Gordon III, 21, was shot and killed outside a townhouse at 2104 Forest Ave. in Des Moines, Iowa, on Thursday, November 7, 2013. On Thursday afternoon, July 10, 1975, the body of a young woman was found in the trunk of a tan 1966 Rambler in a parking lot near the Des Moines airport and later identified as 21-year-old Diane Marie Schofield of 2931 Cottage Grove in Des Moines. Race: White 44 YOA Victor Robinson Jr. Des Moines, IA Morris Wright Blog 25 YOA June 19, 1992. Hamilton was air-lifted to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Due to the metropolitan citys size and population, Des Moines, Iowa, murders are much more common than in most other cities or towns in Iowa. Polk County 6th & Birdland Missing From: Des Moines, IA She died Nov. 20, 1968 after being beaten to death with a golf club. On Monday evening, August 29, 1960, Dorthy Coon was found dead in a ditch alongside a road in Lucas County, Iowa, 12 miles north of Chariton. Case # 1995-58887 December 24, 1993. The Fort Worth Police Department has 94 unsolved crimes that the we need your help with! Des Moines, IA Some of these Iowa serial killers include John Wayne Gacy, Robert Hansen, Robert Ben Rhoades, Randy Steven Kraft, Robert Spangler, and Carroll Edward Cole, among other notorious Iowa serial killers.